Temporary Become a KING

finnaly, now im sitting and writting this word in Jaladri dormitory (east, 3rd floor, maybe u confused, why im in jaladri? ephyra dormitory is being rehab for a long time, and its why im in jaladri.. Taruna Perdana Study Program Aquaculture and Fishing Technology temporary live in Jaladri dorm, and for Fisheries Machinery Technology, Processing Technology and Resources Management technology live in octopus dormitory.. we all hope ephyra as soon as posible ready to be lived by us, estimated 1 month left up to that. different with the first time when i lived in this dorm, here were perbar. im (remaja) perbar (peradana). i must keep this area dormitory clean, indoor and outdoor. and there's much funishment if we break the rules :/., much much much and too much, but now i am the senior of senior in this campuss because my senior Taruna Utama were doing their Industrial Practical or we ussually called KIPA (Karya Ilmiah Praktek Akhir). Now feel free to laughing, screaming, shirtless in this dormitory, hanging clothes everywhere i want. wake until midnight, play song with active speaker, charging gadget in bed and then i sleep. haha too much much much contrast. but over all in the deep of my heart and very very little of my voice i stiil need my senior, to direct me before i really really be the Senior of Senior.. Fisheries University, Jakarta Campuss

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