Love Story

"you know you make me love you
and you make me fall when i expect you 
and make me crazy going all.." - Moving Brain

i dont know it started from where/when,
but clearly, im happy when im with her (camera)
any problem suddenly disappeared
feels like ocean breeze slippin' thru my hair (eventough i dont have hair)


everyone exactly know about it.. for me (she)
with her you can immortalize (mengabadikan) every moment in your life.
thru photo or video, and someday you can open the taken picture/video from
last (time/day/week/years/ maybe century) ago to and remind that memory (hiks hiks)

when i was child, my moms and fathe' taken any picture about me, about me and her/him or about us.
and there is some annoying picture. but very joking, because so different with me now.
everyone know me very enthusias, narciss (narsis), and anything that.
but suddenly shock and not believe that in this picture was me hoho

About 1998 in Early

and let me introduce my first camera,
my uncle gave me this camera when i was 3rd grade in Junior High School (SMP Kelas 9 '2010')...

i have some study tour to jogja with all of my batch with the teacher too, but i dont have camera. my mom tell her brother that me need camera, and my uncle borrowing his camera to me.. (until now '2015' haha) 

and this is....

her name is blackie, she is oldie camera, just have 6.0MegaPixels Lense, and still use dry cell battery (AA).
she have many troubles now, suddenly change the photo mode when i push the shutter button. suddenly give alert battery low but actually the battery still have power/energy, and then im replacing the battery, holding the battery with my hand, place again to the camera, and in display screen the battery was full again (HOREEE -.-)

im still with her until now, my father was bought camera for me, two times but theyre all didnt strong..
happy with her..

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