i listened from some story human never get enough
free to choose the way to be themselves
or just walk in the wet way.
suddenly make me remember about old iron voice rubbing with the running train
wake her up from her long sleep and then she take a deep breath

may i eat this cake,
just take one take other again if you not enough yet
but finishing your work first
she laughing while chewing that cake also holding other one at the same time

the sun showing itself with tired face
how not, our joke and laugh didnt stop until the first cock crowing
look like heavy in one half,
she give smooth joking to my first offer

different, so different
metamorf must responsible to the all
remember when i was in four grade in elementary school
my teacher asked, why caterpillar change into butterfly
no one answered..

in first the land is dry,
start to get wet
until the all got wet slippery, and be sticky, almost get fall
although no one thing can be some balancer

things, are liquid solid and gas
like in the beginning line, you can choose to become everything
getting push or from inner heart
close your eyes dont forget to open these door


sometimes im not understand with this scenario
suddenly woke that this world is not only one side
colour arent just green or yellow or red
taste arent just sweet bitter or spicy

i just think how mature persons through their life
isnt it different than you forgot to bring some homework on killer teacher class or
wrongly did a chapter task
or heavier than smoke appear from burned piles of dried leaf

walk to the lef or to the right
wear sloop or shoe want to sleep or not bath,
eat unscheduled
mussy hair, bad perform

until this time still believe that the child world is the simple world ever
but any body like play in just one level?
donothing try a new euforia
or old world increased by a little bit taste

happiness the expensive price
nothing currency can replacing a sincere hapinnes
free, releasing all hard and dificult thing

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