Long Time No See

Since i chose to continue my study in this college i rarely write anypost again. This Boarding School almost change my soul, my self, my error brain into a normal brain. i hate to be in this condition, and now im in five-semester or people ussually say 'Taruna Perdana'. I remember my senior in Environtmental Foundation said to me about this school 'dhiek, i know in STP u get more Practice than Theory in the class, but u cant grow up, u cant fly and catch ur dream like u want or u need, believe with me'. i almost get out of this school when i was in semester-three, because i tired, disappointed about system in this school. Lets Try to think, you get directed from you wake up in the morning (4 a.m.) until you take a rest in the night (11 p.m.). Very Much Activity in this school, Morning Activity (Cleaning Campus Area, Sport, or Join Some Other Grup Activity like MarchingBand or Basketball Club), Breakfast, Go to Class to attend the lecture, and back to dormitory to take a lunch, in the afternoon if you dont have any class u have to cleaning dormitory area or maybe you can take a nap, and there is afternoon activity (after ashar's prays), and then take a dinner. ETC... and its make me feel like im a bird in a cage or fish in some fucking tank..

now i was in Grade Three 'Taruna Perdana', and i in Ocean Campus. in this campus i dont have senior any more haha. yes i call im King of Serang. No more Pressure in this campus, and it make me be more creactive, as matter of fact since Semester-Four i was in this campus but im not find my soul yet, i try to build it from zero, from the low, from i dont know where the world i'm. until now, i try to brave, to write anything, to start some big thing, to shout out about screaming soul.

hello world, im Dhieka Prasetyo, maybe you knew my as dikawow hehe, i make a little change about this address blog, from dikawow tobe dhieks.blogspot.com, just to make and start from something fresh

im sure i can...

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