Things Happen For A Reason #1

You know what? whats make you stand here right now?
stand at your place?
if you didn't know, let me to show you how it works.

Last night i watched some film.
and in this film i got awesome sentence.
"Things happen for a reason"
maybe yes, almost 80% works.

That sentence make me remember, how can im here (sekolah tinggi perikanan).
yes, because my major at Vocational High School was Fishery.
And, why i take fisheries major when i apply from to VHS?
Because my Nem (National Exam Score) not proper to TKJ or Multimedia Major.
Then, why you were not taking TKR or MP? (machinery major)
Because i don't like.
There are reason why i choose Fisheries:
1. Maybe my nem proper for this major.
2. Requirement about how tall are you isn't important at this major.
3. When i was in 4th grade in elementary school i really love agriculture (Pertanian)

Yes, at that time i talked to my father.
D: yah? i wanna study at IPB after Senior highschool later.
A: great.. whats major what you want?
D: Agriculture yah..
A: let me tell you son, in this city. you can see, only see. building, building and building.
you can't find some place to make a farm in this jakarta. please be realistic
A: but yah, i can find that on bogor or bandung.
D: just focus with your study now.
A: yes sir..


End of 1st part

Things Happen for a reason.

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