Where should i go

last week was my judgement day.

standing alone in front of class, agains five people maybe more examiner. lecturer
presentating my final report (called skripsi in my country).

you know what? what i expecting during these exam?
all of lecturers attack me with annoying and craziest question
but no~ i just through it all
and there were nothing, like i expected before.

i remember some question from mr. nurhudah
he ask me (bahasa inggris dari ikan patin). i ask "catfish sir" then "what about lele?" "catfish too sirm they're have a same name haha". after that mr. nurhuda ask me question that out of the topic of my report.

and finnaly, my tears was turning down when The elder lecturer called me was qualified.


now, 20 days left to the graduation ceremony.
i don't know yet, where i should to go
realist or idealis.

mr. mulyoto asked me to build hatchery of patin together after i graduated.
he prepared everything that we need to do this.
he said that "you don't work for me, but we do this together"
i just say yes, but not my parent.

they were say that i've been 4 years in college.
they expected after graduation i can work at a real office.
starting work from home, bring a lunchbox, use shirt and tie.
and at weekend i can spent time with them.

in my passion eyes.
i want to work with t-shirt and my black jeans.
i do my work whenever i want, whereever i want, whoever i want.
working at night and sleep all day long.
walking arround at this city to take a picture, video, and anything that i loved.
making art, digital art, somedrawing, publicating, organizing, etc...
maybe i must take "DKV Major, or Art Major, Or Film Producing Major"

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  1. Happy to know that you've finally gone through the difficult times and achieved a great success on your college bench. Congratulations \:D/